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Saturn in her chart governs the 7th house related to sexual act.

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In the year at the age of 18 during the sub-sub-period Venus in the sub-period of Mercury in the main period of Mars she discovered her bisexual tendencies. In her chart close conjunction of Venus with Mercury in Taurus is partly responsible for her bisexual nature. The main influence is of the female planet and significator Venus falling in the constellation Kritika of the male planet Sun. It is noteworthy that Mars a male planet representing sexual energy in females falls in the constellation of a strongly female planet viz.

This association between a female planet and a male planet is crucial for her such tendencies.

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Sunny Leone Astrology — Her Bisexual Tendencies In the year at the age of 18 during the sub-sub-period Venus in the sub-period of Mercury in the main period of Mars she discovered her bisexual tendencies. Related Posts. These tips will benefit everyone just starting their studies and even teach some old dogs a few new tricks.

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