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An Astrologer's Day

Anie Tulisya Ningrum 3. Mila Istina 2. Author Rasipuram Krishnaswami Narayan India 3. Theme Fate 4. Plot Exposition An Astrologer got out from his village to find a better life.

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Rising Action An Astrologer looked up and saw a man. Then, an astrologer invited him to chat and predict his future life. And an astrologer charged three pies per questions.

Astrologer's Day by RK Narayan Summary in Hindi / हिंदी सारांश

Climax An astrologer felt scared when he told about something happened in the past. And an astrologer told to him that he must stop looking for man who try to kill him in the past. Falling Action An astrologer told to him to be dangerous if the stranger wants to know who want to try killing him. And astrologer said that the murderer was dead. Resolution An astrologer went home and told his wife that he has been a great load. He had once thought that he killed someone. With experience, he has learned the tricks of the trade.

He talks about safe topics like marriage, money, and relationships and takes to speak only after the client has revealed enough about himself. One day, after having finished his daily business, he is about to leave for home when he sees a man close by and hopes to make him a client. The man demands the astrologer tell him something worthwhile about his future.

An Astrologer’s Day

The astrologer tries his usual tricks about talking marriage or money but the man wants to hear answers of his specific questions. At this stage, the man lights a cheroot and in the dim light of the matchstick the astrologer looks at the man's face and is unnerved. He tries to withdraw from the challenge and asks him to take his money back but the man holds his wrist and tells him he can not get out now.

The astrologer tells the client that he had been stabbed and pushed into a well presuming he was dead. The astrologer addresses him by his name, Guru Nayak. That impresses Guru Nayak and he tells the astrologer that he is out to seek out the man who stabbed him so that he can take the revenge. The astrologer then informs him that the man who stabbed him had died having been crushed under a lorry four months earlier and that Nayak's life was not safe so he should return to his village immediately and warns him not to travel in that direction again.

Satisfied with the answer, Nayak gives him some coins and leaves feeling happy at the thought that the man he wanted to kill is already dead. The astrologer comes home and tells his wife that a big load was off his mind that day because he had discovered that the man he thought he had murdered years back in his native village and because of whom he had left home, was in fact alive.

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