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This zodiac sign likes to dominate, but, in an intimate relationship, this can be quite different. Then equity is even something to cherish. This astrological sign can be very naive. Both partners are easily capable of surrendering to the other completely. They have a high level of physical attraction, are highly compatible and extremely happy and creative with each other.

These astrological signs have a common interest in issues connected to life. Taurus has to be able to support Leo's ambition and creativity. There is much freedom in this relationship. Gemini and Leo stimulate each other's creativity and they share a mutual understanding.

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However, they can grow apart when there is too much hustle and stress and lack of intimacy. This is an interesting combination.

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In this Star Sign relationship, things can go either way. If Leo understands Cancer's sensitivity and Cancer gives sufficient attention to Leo, they will be happy together. Undeniably, a relationship of two Leos can easily become a power struggle. Both Star Signs are ambitious and both like to be in charge. Working on that together, can create more equity.

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