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Thamarassery Vinod Panicker is one of the prominent young Daivajnas in Kerala, he's a familiar face in Devaprasnams conduced at Wayanad and Bangalore. Kaimukku Raman Akkithirippadu is one of the top 3 Astrologers in Kerala. He was the discipline of the Legendary astrologer Shri. Parameswaran, who was also his brother. He has assisted his brother in more than Ashtamangalaprasnas and has been Chief of more than Ashtamangalaprasnams.

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He has been part of Yajnas like Somayagam, Athiraathram etc as its Yajamana- the chief. Pradeep Athimattom has conducted many Ashtamangalaprasnams and he is a discipline of Kaimukku Narayanan Namboodiri. Cheruvalli Narayanan Namboodiri was born at Paiyyannoor and currently resides at Arakkinar, Kozhikode. He was the discipline of Shri. Kunjirama Panicker and Brahmashree Y. Kapali Namboodiri. Cheruvalli was chief Daivajna of Sabarimala Devaprasnam.

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He's also an expert in Vasthusasthra. Ambalakkoth Vijayaraghava Panicker is an eminent astrologer and resides near Kozhikode medical college. He's a familiar face in devaprasnams. He is a Graduate in Mathematics and has completed C. A Inter as well employed in Kerala Govt Service for some time. He relinquished his job to take up full-time practice in Astrology. Endowed with a deep sense of dedication and sincerity in his profession he can give proper guidance and solutions for ever so many harassing problems confronting many of us in our hectic modern life.

He was main Daivajna of Devaprasnams held at Dattatreya temple, Chottanikkara, Thiruvairanikkulam etc. Puthuvamana Hari Namboodiri is a famous astrologer, a discipline of Padhmanabha Sharma. He was the chief of Guruvayoor Devaprasnam. Chethalloor Vijayakumar Guptan is the 17th descendant of the well-known family of astrologers. He learned astrology from his father- the legendary Chethalloor Krishnankutty Guptan, who was the guru of many well-known astrologers like Kanipaiyyoor Narayanan Namboodiri.

After his father's demise in , Vijayakumar Guptan took over charge of preparing and publishing Bharata panchangam, which was published for the first time in by Shri. Neelakanta Namboodiri in the name Pattambi Panchangam. He has participated in more than Ashtamangalprasnas as a discipline and as Chief in more than Ashtamangalaparasnams. His word is the final one when it comes to Astrologer in Kerala.

Devidasan Gurukkal hails from Kannur and was part of Devaprasnams conducted at prominent temples like Guruvayor, Padhmanabha Swamy temple and many other devasom temples. Kaladharan Master is the 12th descendant of the well-known family of astrologers. Since the age of five years, he is learning the nuances of Vedic astrology, spiritual healing and psychic reading from his father.

Many famed politicians, actors, celebrities, doctors, engineers and others had the divine intervention of Pandit Eshwar in their lives for solving their problems. Astrologer Varun astrologer - 4.

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Astrologer Varun has 11 years of experience in Vedic Astrology. Varun has studied Astrology from most renowned gurus. He is consulted by people all over India who are very satisfied. As per the planetary positions we provide prediction and suggest the remedies for the problems relating to future, love, marriage, business, finance and career. Ashta Lakshmi Astro Centre astrologer - 7. Sri Kalachakra Astro Centre astrologer - 4.

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Pandith Nageshwara Rao Guruji is one of the Indian best mantrika sri kalachakra astrologer, devotee of Shiva Kalabhairava ,believes and gives the inspiration and clarity of mind to do his work well. Astrologer is a combination of perfect mathematical calculations and perfect judgement which requires experience.

If you suffer from some of these issues or something different then without wasting your precious time, once see us and receive you out all trouble from your life so will you attempt. Special Note — If you've consulted many astrologers and have not obtained the solutions? Please visit our sri kalachakra astrology centre for the best outcomes Show more.

Thamasa Astro Healing Centre astrologer - 4. Agasthiya Mahashiva Nadi Jyothidham astrologer - 7. We take thumb print from the client and predict the life history past present and future by palm leaf which is wrote by 18 saints in India Show more. Sushrut Yog Research Center astrologer - 4. Agasthiya Mahashiva Naadi Jyothidam Agalyanaidu astrologer - 7.

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We provide services to customers by taking there thumb print and peridict the life history past,present and future accurately according to there age back to back predictions like the customer name, parents names if married husband name how many siblings the customer is having, there education, professional life and etc will be predicted with accurately. The life history is wrote in Palm leaf by the saint agasthiya and the rest other 28 saints. This palm predictions are very accurate and great Show more. Paradise Food Court Pvt astrologer - 4.

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