North east tarot cancer 2020

Love goddess Venus will rendezvous twice with Jupiter in his home sign of Sagittarius, and their conjunctions on January 22 and November 24 cast the whole year in a rosy, romantic glow.


Venus and Jupiter open up a whole new world of romantic and sexual possibilities. With four planets meeting up in Virgo in August and September, it should be easier to use good judgment. Desire is fulfilled when the divine lovers, Venus and Mars, unite in Virgo on August If you and your partner have been wanting to start a family, this could be the perfect opportunity.

Communication is key—especially from October 3-December 9, when Mercury transits your opposite sign of Scorpio.

Saturn Conjunction Pluto 2020 ~ Protect & Survive

Year of Big changes are in the works, Taurus. Around the Aquarius new moon on February 4, Mercury and the sun do some networking with Jupiter in Sagittarius and Mars-Uranus in Aries—and the resulting breakthroughs give your career a much-needed jumpstart. Once Mars and Uranus take command of your sign February 14 and March 6, respectively , your competitive spirit goes into maximum overdrive! But with Venus in Aquarius squaring Mars and an awkward Mars-Jupiter quincunx, pushing your own agenda is not the best way to get results—being a team player satisfies your need to succeed.

Still, with two full moons in Libra this spring March 20 and April 19 , it may be time to dissolve some longstanding business ties and forge a few new ones—especially if the terms of the old ones are less than fair. Explore all your options, but be careful not to spread yourself too thin or promise more than you can deliver.


From late April through early October, retrograde Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn challenge you to rewrite your personal mission statement. Unlock your hidden potential.

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Your exclusive Tarot Reading with month-by-month predictions holds the keys to your success. Clairvoyant, Dream Analysis, Pig natives are trusting. They often believe everything they hear.

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This can make them subject to fast-talking opportunists. It also means much money and resources are spent in the pursuit of pleasure.

Despite their enjoyment of life, Pigs are hard workers, terrific friends, and natural community organizers. They can become the martyr doing everything possible for others.

The Year Ahead 2018

Pigs can succeed in any area they choose, but often they are not willing to deceive or play political games behind the scenes. What you see is what you get with a Pig.

Their deep generosity of nature seems to give them good fortune no matter what they do. Positives Patient, loyal, sincere, gregarious, diligent, generous, obliging, unpretentious.